Passion #1


Passion #1 is one of the most potent outdoor cannabis strains. The THC content is 20% and that is reflected in its effect. Even the tiny sugar leaves are completely covered in trichomes and a layer of sticky resin. She is very resistant to disease and produces high yields in any climate.

Growing Passion #1

Passion #1 is an early bloomer with an average dry yield ranging from 250g to 750g per plant. If you grow the plants under the best conditions, they can become gigantic and grow up to 3.5 – 4 m high. You can harvest about 1.5 kg dry per plant. This lady does very well in a greenhouse or a sunny climate, even though she can withstand less weather.
If you place the plant indoors in small pots, the yield will automatically be somewhat lower. But also in small pots there are yields of more than 100 gr. possible per plant. If you live in an area where it regularly rains or is cold, Passion #1 will still surprise you with a big harvest!

Flowering time of Passion #1

The average flowering time of this strain, depending on the phenotype, is about 6-8 weeks. These ladies will usually be ready to harvest around late September to early October. If you really want to grow monster plants, it is a good idea to start early with the indoor germination of your seeds and to allow them to grow well before you take them outside. Since Passion #1 was developed explicitly as an outdoor/greenhouse variety, it is not really suitable for indoor growing with powerful lights. This strain grows quickly, both during the growing and flowering phases. She does well in open soil, but she will also feel good if you put her in a large pot of 50 or 100 liters.

Taste of Passion #1

The fairly strong scent of Passion #1 is fresh, spicy and slightly spicy. He is strong but you can’t really call him penetrating. This is especially useful if you grow your plants outdoors and have nosy neighbors. A fruity blend of lemon, lime and woody herbs like rosemary and thyme will pleasantly tickle your nostrils. Her taste is quite similar to her smell. This palette of flavors does have the property that it sometimes dares to tingle your throat.

Effects of Passion #1

Passion #1 gives a very stimulating ‘up’ high and if you smoke more of it, a pleasant stoned feeling will come over you. Passion #1 is one of the strongest outdoor varieties on the market. Her high with hybrid stretches has both a physical and mental effect that lasts a long time. The effect on the body is very subtle and allows you to relax without getting tired or sleepy.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection

Very High

CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

Medium – High

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

Medium – High

Flowering Time: No selection

7 – 8 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

Californian Indica

Indica/Sativa: No selection


Effect: No selection

Physically Relaxing

Taste: No selection

Fresh, Spicy


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