Mokum’s Tulip


Tulips from Amsterdam, who doesn’t know them. The smell of this new variety gave the Dutch Passion team the image of a sweet, red tulip. Hence the name “Mokums Tulip”. This variety that gives high yields should not be missing in your assortment!

Mokum’s Tulip quickly became very popular among growers because of its pungent aroma and excellent taste. If you want an even better quality and harvest, it is advisable to use the ‘Blue Light Treatment’ at the end of her flowering period as this increases the production of terpenes.

Growing the Mokum’s Tulip

Mokum’s Tulip blooms briefly and is very generous. Despite its compact size, it is possible to harvest large yields, although the buds are a bit smaller than most of the large yielders in our collection.
On average, you will have a harvest of 400 to 500gr/m². You can put her in a SOG setup with many plants per m² in slightly smaller pots (12L). If you put fewer plants per m² in pots of 25 to 30L, you will get a longer growth phase. Outdoors, this lady becomes sturdy and bushy and can carry a heavy weight. Be careful with very high humidity, because her compact buds can develop bud rot.

How to flower the Mokum’s Tulip

Mokum’s Tulip has an average flowering time of about 8 weeks, but this depends on the phenotype. Some are ready a week faster, others take a week longer. Look carefully at the trichomes and make sure the plant is mature and fully ripe before you start harvesting.

This strain grows for about 2.5 weeks in her flowering phase, but she will get the biggest growth spurt in the first and second week after you put her on a light schedule of 12/12. The trichomes appear in the second week of flowering and within 4 weeks you will see an abundance of ball-shaped white buds.

What does the Mokum’s Tulip taste like

You will immediately notice that Mokum’s Tulip has Gelato genes in her scent, which is sharp and very sweet, creamy and fruity. This aroma and flavor bomb is due to a unique terpene profile that makes the buds really smell and taste like ice cream. Some plants will let you taste forest fruity ice cream, others will taste more like a grapefruit / orange ice cream. Anyone who is a fan of the real Gelato variety will certainly enjoy our Mokum’s Tulip.

Effects of the Mokum’s Tulip

The strong and powerful high of Mokum’s Tulp has a long-lasting effect. She is a delight to smoke and will relax you and reduce your stress levels. You will feel the strongest effect physically and is therefore very suitable to use after a busy day, when you need some rest. The head-high that is powerful and euphoric gives a good combination that allows you to smoke Mokum’s Tulip both, during the day and at night.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection


Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection


Flowering Time: No selection

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest month: No selection


Genetic Background: No selection

Gelato x Sherbet

Indica/Sativa: No selection

Sativa 50% Indica 50%

Effect: No selection

Euphoric, Powerful

Taste: No selection

Creamy, Fruity, Grapefruit, Orange, Sweet


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