Glueberry O.G.


Dutch Passion’s master breeders mixed two fantastic strains together and crossed that result with our classic Blueberry. The result of this excellent marriage is XL yields and plants of 1.5m tall. The name is Glueberry OG and we proudly added her to our USA Special line. Glueberry OG is completely suitable for preparing cannabis oil, BHO, shatter, resin, hash and all other types of cannabis extracts due to the high oil and resin content.

Grow your own Glueberry OG

Glueberry OG gives harvests in the range of 400-500 grams per m² with frosty compact buds covered in glistening trichomes. This lady reaches an average height of about 1 to 1.5 m. It really is the perfect variety for advanced home growers looking for XL yields of potent THC-rich flowers.

How long is the flowering period of the Glueberry OG?

If you take into account the pre-growth phase of 3 to 4 weeks, it takes about 12 weeks from seed to harvest. The flowering period itself lasts about eight weeks. Glueberry is not known for its rapid growth, but for its strength and stability. She grows under a variety of different conditions and this also makes her suitable for less experienced growers who want to put time and love into this strain.

What flavour is Glueberry OG cannabis?

Glueberry OG is an indica/sativa hybrid strain that tastes with smells of fresh pine with earthy notes, a subtle taste of pepper with a light fruity twist.

Effects of the Glueberry OG cannabis while using

Glueberry OG is a mix of Indica and Sativa genes. The Indica effect in this strain creates a relaxed feeling, both mentally and physically. Her Sativa side makes you happy and gives you a strong psychoactive cerebral high. If you compare her with the Blueberry strain, Glueberry OG gives a stronger effect and also tastes slightly less sweet.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

400-500 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

400 – 450 g/plant

Flowering Time: No selection

7 – 8 weeks

Harvest month: No selection

Early October, Middle of October

Genetic Background: No selection

OG Kush x Gorilla Glue x Blueberry

Indica/Sativa: No selection

Sativa 55% Indica 45%

Effect: No selection

Happy, Physically Relaxing, Psychoactive, Relaxation

Taste: No selection

Earthy, Fresh, Pine


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