Californian Orange


Californian Orange has a very fruity terpene profile with a citrus predominance. Dutch Passion’s Californian Orange is one of the most loved ‘Orange’ strains and this stabilized variety has medium THC levels and an intense, yet relaxing effect. Her abundantly resin-covered buds are popular with cannabis concentrate makers. This lady guarantees a unique, Californian dreaming cannabis experience!

How to grow your own Californian Orange cannabis seeds?

Her rather compact flowers will put quite a bit of weight on the scales. She is not the plant with the most branches, but has the appearance of a nice compact tree.
The yield of Californian Orange is medium to large and gives, after 9 to 10 weeks, about 400 to 450 gr per m² when grown indoors. If you put them outside in large pots or in open ground and they can enjoy the sun for a long time, you will get around 250 to 500 gr per plant.
This strain lends itself well to cultivation with hydroponics or the SOG technique. She will grow a thick main cola, but as a bush she will also reward you with several buds.

Flowering period of the Californian Orange cannabis seed

This variety will continue to grow for about 2 to a maximum of 3 weeks during the flowering phase. If you prefer a plant that stays low, it is a good idea to manipulate it during this period.
Once the flowering phase has started, you can bend or supercrop the highest branches because this slows down growth. This lady is less suitable for growing outdoors in a temperate climate. Only if it is dry for a long time and the plants can enjoy plenty of sun could it succeed because this lady is a true sun beater.

Flavour of Californian Orange

Californian Orange is not the most potent strain when it comes to THC content and scores medium to high here, but it is one with a very potent and spicy terpene profile.
Her scent comes on gently during flowering and will show wonderful fresh citrus scents that will be a bit sour with mainly citrus / lime in the lead. The real taste of orange and mandarin subtly mixed with some earth/skunk makes this lady a very tasty old-school USA strain.

Effects of Californian Orange

This variety is very popular because of its strong clear ‘up’ high that creates atmosphere and cosiness. If you smoke more of it, the high becomes heavier and more physical and lasts for a long time. At a party or during the day, this strain is very suitable. She’s not going to push you on the couch, but the more you smoke, the calmer you’ll be and the more the physical effects will show. It won’t make you sleepy or lazy, but it can influence and speed up your thoughts. You could say that this strain makes you relax, happy and de-stressed and gives your energy level a huge boost.

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350 – 400 g/m²

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450 – 500 g/plant

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9-10 weeks

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Dry Mouth, Happy, Relaxation, Uplifting

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Citrus, Flowers


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