Banana Blaze


Banana Blaze is a plant that can take a beating and is very forgiving. This lady likes to be left alone as much as possible and to grow in a natural way. Remove at most a few leaves at the end of her flowering phase, that’s all she asks. She needs this because her side branches then catch more light. A perfect plant for beginners, even though advanced growers are also looking forward to this Banana Blaze lady.

Growth of Banana Blaze

Cracking or bending her branches is not such a good idea. Because they are very strong, it is difficult to crack them and they would definitely break if you don’t really get the hang of it yet. In addition to natural growth, you can also grow them with a SOG technique, but that is not really necessary.
Just be careful with a humid climate, she really doesn’t like that. Growing indoors in a room with little humidity, a maximum of 50%, is fine, but she will certainly appreciate it even drier. Ensure sufficient movement in the air by installing fans so that you reduce the risk of bud rot to a minimum.
On average she will yield around 400 to 450g/m². Outdoors, where she grows immensely tall and easily reaches 2m, she will surprise you with yields between 500 and 1000 grams per plant.

Flowering period

Banana Blaze will flower quickly and her flowering phase will take an average of 8 weeks. Some phenotypes can be ready for harvest a week faster or it can take a week longer. Normally, the flowering time is therefore between 7 and 9 weeks.
She grows in height during the first 2.5 weeks of flowering, a maximum of 3 weeks. In no time these ladies can double in size and grow steadily. After the third week of flowering, the branches will be full of buds, covered in white hairs and the next phase can begin!

Flavours of the Banana Blaze cannabis

Most plants of this variety have a sweet and fruity character with a constant banana undertone. Some phenotypes have slightly more pine and floral notes but overall, the aroma profile is creamy, fruity and musky.

Effects of the Banana Blaze

Being Indica dominant, this strain gives you a great relaxing body stone. After smoking or vaping, you will get a wonderfully relaxed feeling that is mainly physical but she will also give you a mental buzz. For relaxing, stretched out on the couch after a busy day at work, this really is the ideal strain. And, because the buds are so compact, you don’t even need much.

Additional information

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Harvest indoor: No selection

400 – 450 g/m²

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950 – 1000 g/plant

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8 – 9 weeks

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Creamy, Fruity, Musky, Pine


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