Auto Trichome & Cream


The breeders at Dutch Passion got it right, they crossed one of the elite strains, Cookies & Cream, with another strain that produces the frostiest flowers and here you go, Auto Trichome & Cream was born! It has become a fantastic weed with leaves that shine with health and buds with an unprecedented amount of trichomes. In fact; this is one of the most trichome-rich autoflowers in the cannabis market.

Growing your own Auto Trichomes & Cream

Auto Trichomes & Cream is a highly regarded member of the USA Special cannabis seed collection. To grow into a mature harvestable plant, this lady needs about 10 to 12 weeks. Pots of at least 22 liters and preferably even larger are not a luxury for this lady. She will feel fine if she sits with her feet in a Pro Light mix of half coconut and half good topsoil. Add a light schedule of 20/4 and a temperature between 20 and 26°C and you will see what incredible potential this lady has.

Flowering period of the Auto Trichome & Cream

This strain is not called Auto Trichome & Cream for nothing. She is the ideal strain for growers who are obsessed with growing this beneficial plant and like to follow every development with a magnifying glass. Visually, she is a real beauty with her dense trichome coverage.
If you grow with 200W LED light and a 20/4 schedule, you can expect a yield of dried flowers of about 75 grams per plant. This is not bad for an autoflower, but if you also look at quality and taste, this is a real winner. The flower buds containing 17% THC are numerous and firm. The abundant resin production makes this strain very suitable for preparing extracts such as dry sift, rosin, ice-o-lator hash and so on.

Flavours of the Auto Trichome & Cream

Auto Trichome & Cream is a plant that grows in full force and produces medium to large flowers. They will please you with a fruity smell as they grow and the doughy and creamy part is especially noticeable when the buds are well dried and cured. You can expect soft and sweet flavors that gently caress your tongue on the exhale, whether you vape or have a classic joint. If you listen closely you can even hear hissing noises when you smoke it.

Effects of the Auto Trichome & Cream

You will experience the effect of Auto Trichome & Cream both cerebrally and physically. She is stimulating and at the same time completely relaxes your body. And even though the smoke is soft and calming, it is also very powerful and you will probably feel her influence throughout the evening.
It is a true feel-good strain with blissful effects that will make you happy and totally destroy all your stress. She still has enough indica in her to ease all your aching muscles.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

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THC: No selection


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Harvest indoor: No selection


Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection


Flowering Time: No selection

9-12 weeks

Harvest month: No selection


Genetic Background: No selection

Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter

Indica/Sativa: No selection


Effect: No selection

Relaxation, Stimulation

Taste: No selection

Cream, Dough, Fruity


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