Auto Orange Bud


Auto Orange Bud is a top autoflower strain with a very popular and loved aroma of citrus fruits. Blowers who like orange, mandarin or tangerine-like strains should definitely try our Auto Orange Bud. Based on the classic Orange Bud, this autoflower really does no worse than the usually ‘stronger’ photoperiod plants. Do you have a pure orange experience? Order your Auto Orange Bud seeds now at Holland’s High!

Growing the Autoflower Orange Bud

Auto Orange Bud is a stable autoflower that stays fairly compact and grows up with a beautiful central main bud surrounded by many large side flowers. Her Sativa origins certainly have something to do with this. This lady has really strong growth. The first 4-5 weeks this plant will mainly grow in width but, from the 5th to 6th week she starts her vertical growth and her Sativa background immediately becomes apparent. Once the blooms become visible and she grows taller, she becomes a bushier, more compact plant than you would think of a Sativa-dominant strain.
During this stretching phase, the distance between the internodes increases and the leaves get slightly thinner and more slender. This structure makes her a perfect autoflower to grow naturally without any cultivation technique.

Flowering period of the Auto Orange Bud

When grown indoors, the Auto Orange Bud needs an average of 11 weeks before it can be harvested. Some phenotypes take about a week longer. This lady will respond gratefully if you give her at least 20 hours of light per day from germination. During this extra week, she will grow more amber trichomes that give an even stronger sedative high. As far as the yield is concerned, you can expect around 400 to 500 gr/m².
If you grow outdoors, the Auto Orange Bud will take about 12 to 15 weeks to mature. If the conditions are favorable it can be faster so keep an eye on this lady. Ideal weather conditions ensure the most compact and whitest buds. She therefore prefers a sunny spot and really does not like wet feet.
Outdoors, the plant gives you about the same harvest as indoors, but under ideal weather conditions during the hottest summer months. Harvests of around 100gr per plant are certainly no exception.

Flavours of the Auto Orange Bud

Auto Orange Bud is a powerful autoflower with a unique and very fruity terpene profile. After careful mixing, over several generations, the original character of our original Orange Bud variety has been preserved. A clearly recognizable and penetrating aroma of citrus fruits such as orange, mandarin and lemon and a sweet undertone will pleasantly surprise you.
Mildly spicy, pungent and very sticky and a delight for true cannabis connoisseurs.

Effects of the Auto Orange Bud

This lady gives you a strong powerful high that shows a more ‘hybrid’ effect, meaning that it is a combination of both a mental and physical high. Due to her Sativa-dominant nature, you will initially experience a euphoric and uplifting high. As you smoke more and the high progresses, it will feel heavier and more physical. The euphoric feeling also gives you a powerful, relaxed physical effect.

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Orange Bud X Auto Daiquiri Lime

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