Sour Strawberry


Treat yourself to the unforgettable experience of this Sour Strawberry strain. With her powerful genetics, bountiful yields and mesmerizing beauty, this strain will definitely deserve a place in your cannabis collection. Buy Sour Strawberry Cannabis Seeds from Barney’s Farm online at HollandsHigh – Fast & Discrete world wide shipping!

Prepare to be swept away by the delicious aroma and allure of our Sour Strawberry strain Aka ​​​​​Strawberry Diesel. Sour Strawberry is the result of a potent genetic cross between the legendary Strawberry Kush and the famed Sour Diesel, resulting in a well-balanced hybrid strain that is somewhat sativa-dominant and a joy to grow, no matter your level of experience. Imagine how satisfying it is to watch these plants grow and mature under the warm sun, ready for harvest in early October. The THC percentage can go up to 22 to 24% with which she likes to pack a punch. When you get close to her buds, you’ll be treated to a bouquet of aromas that range from sour, sweet, and fruity to earthy and dieselish.

Characteristics of the Sour Strawberry

Sour Strawberry’s buds are truly a sight to behold, with bright green leaves and fiery orange hairs that invite you not only to admire her but also to smoke or vape her.

How does the Sour Strawberry grow and flower?

The flowering time of Sour Strawberry is quite short. After only 65 to 70 days you can enjoy her beauty and generous yields. With indoor yields of 500 to 600g/m², you can expect a lot of potent, sticky buds that are sure to impress. The Sour Strawberry also thrives very well outdoors and will reward you for all the good care with a harvest ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 kg per plant at a height of 1.5 to 2 m.

Taste and Smell

You can be sure that when you smoke or use this lady in a vaporizer, you will be pleasantly surprised by her tastes and smells. You can expect sweet flavors of strawberry and ripe berries, sour notes of citrus and an undertone of Diesel and earthy flavors.

Effects after smoking Sour Strawberry

This strain immediately gives you an overwhelmingly intense feeling of pleasant relaxation and cheerfulness and energy. Once you start enjoying her high, you will notice that all these qualities go well together. Your body relaxes, you get an intense feeling of calm and tranquility while you still feel like doing things. When this feeling fades a bit, you get a real energy boost and your creativity will skyrocket. It should not surprise you that you suddenly start doing things that you have long put aside.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest: No selection

550 g/m²

Height: No selection

100/120 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

9 – 10 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

Strawberry Kush Strain x Sour Diesel Strain

Effect: No selection

Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting

Taste: No selection

Berry, Citrus, Diesel, Strawberry, Sweet


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