Pineapple Express Auto


Fanatics of auto-flowering strains have something to rejoice since Barney’s Farm released Pineapple Express Auto into the cannabis markets and shelves. She is a distant cousin of the incredible Pineapple Chunk- a cross of pineapple with Skunk #1 and Cheese. She will grow short and compact like any other Indica and flower in an average number of weeks. Pineapple Express Auto will offer a rich flavour and aroma profile featuring sweet pineapple notes alongside a stress-reducing calm and mellow high. Order your seeds today and enjoy a sensual Indica high.

Pineapple Express Auto: Sensual, Super-fast Indica Autoflower

Barney’s Farm is among the top breeders of auto-flowers, and in this case, they got everything right. The breeders decided to create an auto-flowering version of the famous Pineapple Chunk. They chose top quality ruderalis genetics that they added to the original. The product was a hybrid with faster flowering periods and no dependence on specific light periods. Her effects are perfect for Indica lovers.

Smoke Report/Effects of Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple Express Auto is a 70% Indica strain that will deliver potent Indica effects with some Sativa effects making an appearance. Seh does not hold back, and she hits almost immediately after the first puff. A warmth engulfs your body as your muscles get relaxed, and you become cosy wherever you are sitting. The body high is intense and may have you on your couch for a while.

Furthermore, the smoke will offer a sensual calm that brings peace and tranquillity to your head. Your mind will drop every negative thought you may have. Users have reported getting stress relief after using Pineapple Express Auto. The smoke is mellow and will enable you to wind down after a heavy task or long day at work. Use her in the evening to enjoy her effects unhindered and enjoy her fully. Insomniacs will gain a lot from using her smoke as she can induce sleep.

Appearance. Smell and Flavours of Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple Express will grow with traits reminiscent of Indica plants. At maturity, she will attain short and stocky heights characterised by numerous side branches that make her bushy. During flowering, numerous flowers will pop up on the branches. They will develop into attractive and sweet-smelling nugs.

Pineapple Express Autos flavour and aroma terpene is rich and will have exotic notes. The fragrances are mouth-watering, delicious pineapple and tropical fruits. The taste will have rich, tropical and intense pineapple flavours. The smoke is delicious and will complement the body high.

Grow Report of pineapple Express Auto

The auto-flowering genetics in Pineapple Express Auto makes the plant easier to grow and manage. She will be kind to novice growers and will do well without help. She will do well indoors and outdoors and compensate with potency where it lacks in yield.

What you should expect:

  • 60 to 65 days of flowering
  • 110 cm of height indoors and outdoors
  • The indoor yield of 550 to 600 grams per square metre
  • Outdoor harvest of 50 to 100 grams per plant

Order your seeds and feel the strength of the pineapple with this sensual, super-fast Indica auto-flower.

Additional information

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest: No selection

600 g/m²

Height: No selection

100/110 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

60/65 days

Genetic Background: No selection

Pineapple Express x Autoflowering

Effect: No selection

Energetic, Happy, Relaxation

Taste: No selection

Citrus, Fruity, Tropical


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