Phatt Fruity

You may have come across incredible strains from different parts of the world. But have you ever had to enjoy one that is a cocktail of three different regions? Phatt Fruity is one such strain. The strain by Barney’s Farm captures telltale fragrances and essences from across the globe. Emitting an earthy, hashy aroma, Phatt Fruity’s plant grows tight and squat. These plants are also mould-resistant, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. Expect a tranquil buzz that is relaxed with a couchlock potential. Order your Phatt Fruity from our Seedshop and enjoy marvellous smoke.

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Phatt Fruity: A Blend from Three Regions

Phatt Fruity is an Indica dominant cannabis strain introduced to the cannabis community by the genius breeders at Barney’s Farm. Her genetic background stretches around the world, combining genes from North India, Pakistan and Mexico. The strains used in the hybridising process are Afghani, North Indian and Mexican. The product was 70% Indica with fast-flowering traits.

Smoke Report/Effects of Phatt Fruity

Phatt Fruity is an Indica leaning strain that will deliver heavy Indica effects to the user. She will offer a punch backed with 19% THC and will easily overwhelm a user, especially a beginner. A few tokes of her smoke will deliver a prolonged body high featuring relaxed muscles and comfortability. It will make you lad back and unwilling to participate in demanding tasks.

Phatt Fruity’s high will be serene and will make your mind drop all your worries. She is perfect for evening sessions when you can use her relaxing effects to relax your body and her tranquil effects to soothe your mind. She is very potent and has couch-locking capabilities meaning users must approach her carefully or risk sleeping. Light up some of her buds at night when you are restless and cannot sleep. She will knock you out in a short period.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavours of Phatt Fruity

Phatt Fruity will have a short, stocky appearance reminiscent of Indica strains. It will feature several side branches with a heavy presence of compact buds at the end of flowering.

When flowering is about to end, and the flowers are ripe, the grower is treated to wonderful scents. They will feature in the buds smoke aroma and flavours. The growing scent will have musky, fruity and skunky scents. After curing and drying, the smoke will feature mixed notes of red fruits, spices and humus.

Grow Report of Phatt Fruity

Phatt Fruity is an easy strain to grow with hardy genetics. Its natural resistance to pests, moulds and diseases make her easy to grow. She is ideal for any grower, novice or experienced. Prepare for a short flowering period and substantial yields at harvest time.

What you should expect:

  • 55 to 60 days of flowering
  • Harvest month of September
  • Indoor and outdoor heights of 70 to 80 cm
  • the indoor yield of 550 grams per square metre

Discover the combined effects of Afghanistan and India. A delightful smoke.

Additional information

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1 Seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds

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550 g/m²

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7 – 8 weeks

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Afghani x North Indian x Mexican

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Creative, Relaxation, Uplifting

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Citrus, Sweet, Tropical


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