OG Kush


The complex genetic makeup, distinct terpene profile and robust THC levels make this an enticing strain that is simply impossible to resist. Buy OG Kush Cannabis Seeds from Barney’s Farm online at HollandsHigh – Fast & Discrete world wide shipping!

It’s time to enjoy the opulent allure of this OG Kush strain, a renowned cannabis strain with a strong genetic pedigree. A balanced cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush. The complex chemical composition and distinct terpene profile of this strain make her a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. The unparalleled potency of our OG Kush strain is simply irresistible, note her THC levels ranging from 23% to an amazing 26%. Its indica genetics make it an ideal cannabis strain for those seeking deep relaxation, pain and stress relief. With its robust and long-lasting effects, this remarkable strain is a favorite among seasoned users. Enjoy OG Kush’s unique terpene profile, a fragrance unrivaled among cannabis strains. The presence of myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene contribute to the earthy and pungent aroma. Surrender to the intoxicating pleasure of this original OG Kush genetics from Barneys Farm, a strain that will take you on a journey of pure delight.

Growth and height of OG Kush

When grown indoors, OG Kush can reach heights of 1m to 1.20m and outdoor grows to towering heights of 1.5m to 2.5m

Flowering cycle and harvest

Experience the pure pleasure of OG Kush with a fast flowering cycle lasting only 55 to 65 days. As a result, as a grower you can enjoy the beauty of her flowers earlier than with some other varieties. She will give you an amazing 550g/m² at the end of her flowering time when you grow her indoors. When grown outdoors, the weight can reach up to 1.5 kg, which makes this lady especially popular with outdoor farmers.

Taste of the OG Kush

As already mentioned, the presence of myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene contributes to the earthy and pungent aroma of this strain. If someone in your neighborhood smokes OG Kush, you will immediately recognize the smell of Skunk, citrus and earth tones. Her taste also lets you taste citrus, pine and spices.

Effects of the OG Kush

This lady immediately gets into your head and gives you a relaxed yet uplifting feeling. A perfect strain to use before or during social events and slightly less suitable as a sleep aid.

Additional information

Cannabis Type: No selection

Brand: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest: No selection

600 g/m²

Height: No selection

100/120 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

8 – 9 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

Chemdawg Strain x Lemon Thai Strain x

Effect: No selection

Cerebral, Happy, Relaxation, Social

Taste: No selection

Citrus, Earthy, Skunk, Sour


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