Malana Bomb Auto

Malana Bomb Auto is a unique strain that borrows from a prolific pool of genetics. She is a feminised auto-flowering strain made by barney’s Farm. She has an inherent history and value that reaches far and has cultural importance. She will deliver mountainously Indica aromas that are earthy and piney in nature. She delivers a relaxing body high ideal for winding down a long tiresome day. The spirit of the Himalaya mountains is inherent in the sensations induced by Malana Bomb Auto.

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Malana Bomb Auto: A Notorious Indica Bomb

Malana Bomb Auto is a product of the genius breeders at Barney’s Farm created by hybridising the Malana Charas plant with Lowryder #1. Malana Charas is a sacred Sadhu strain used in the worship of the Indian God Shiva. They used it by rubbing their hands over the plant at the end of the flowering period. The hands will accumulate dark brown resin with cannabis oil gathered into a luxurious hash piece.

Smoke Report/Effects of Malana Bomb Auto

Malana Bomb Auto is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa that will deliver the best of both worlds. She is a hard hitter whose effects will act quick, delivering a stimulating heady high complemented by a relaxed body high. The body high will make your muscles relax and feel like a body massage after visiting a sauna. It will chill you back and let you explore your thoughts.

A cerebral high ensues alongside the body high featuring uplifted moods and happiness. Euphoria follows shortly afterwards and sends you straight into the cosmos. You may find yourself giggling and bursting out with laughter. The high is uplifting and will make your mind drop all your stress. Malana Bomb Auto has some medicinal advantages, like helping individuals dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. She is an ideal evening strain that will help you wind down your day.

Appearance, Smell and Flavours of Malana Bomb Auto

Malana Bomb Auto seeds will grow and germinate into a plant featuring Indica traits. She will grow short, study and bushy with several side branches. During flowering, they will develop several densely packed nugs that are hard to differentiate individually.

The aroma terpenes will make you feel connected to the Himalayan highlands. It is rich and will feature piney notes. The tastes are way more magical and will have flavours of Himalaya Mountains, Sweet Charas and citrus. The smoke is smooth and very pleasing.

Grow Report of Malana Bomb Auto

When it comes to speed, nothing beats Malana Bomb Auto. She will have a three-week vegetative period and move into the flowering phase. She will grow short and is ideal for discreet farmers. She also has hardy genetics, making her easy to grow. She is easy to novice growers and is naturally resistant to mould and pests.

What you should expect:

  • 60 to 70 days of flowering
  • Indoor and outdoor height of 70 to 90 cm
  • The indoor yield of 550 grams per square metre
  • Medium yields outdoors

Connect with the Indian Himalaya and experience the divine with Malana Bomb Auto.

Additional information

Seeds: No selection

3 seeds, 5 seeds

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest: No selection

550 g/m²

Height: No selection

70/90 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

60/70 days from Germination

Genetic Background: No selection

Malana Charas Plant x Lowryder #1

Effect: No selection

Happy, Relaxation, Uplifting

Taste: No selection

Fruity, Pine, Sweet


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