G13 Haze


Nothing fascinates cannabis users like a strain whose origin is shrouded in mystery, and nothing is more fascinating like the said strain being used in creating another. G13 Haze has a parent whose origins are unknown, but her effects are as clear as day. She delivers a happy and relaxed high ideal for a pick-me-up during the day as it does not have sedative effects. She will reward the grower generously with few weeks. Order your seeds today and enjoy a powerful cerebral high.

G13 Haze: Award-Winning Heritage

G13 Haze is a Sativa leaning hybrid created by cross-breeding two incredible parents. Breeders at Barneys Farm hybridised G13 with Haze and created a cerebral high giving strain. G13 has an unknown history, but folktales tell of a Government origin under the United States Federal Marijuana Distribution Program of the 1970s. It gave G13 Haze its high THC content while Haze provided the cerebral high without a couch-locking aspect.

Smoke Report/Effects of G13 Haze

G13 Haze offers a purely cerebral high characterised by bursts of energy and happiness. The intense body high gives euphoria that lives you jovial and uplifted. The high is powerful and fast as it will set in shortly after your first few puffs. She packs a THC content of above 20% and will not be shy about showcasing it.

It is also known to provide medical aid to users, and the list is long. The primary euphoric feeling can cheer up the saddest day for a short time. Therefore, it is worth trying if you have depression and need something to lift your mood. The relaxed and happy high is often a pleasant experience for heavily stressed individuals. The bursts of energy can push someone through the day, while the heightened creativity is useful to creatives. Remember, the strain may be overwhelming to novice users.

Appearance, Aroma and flavours of G13 Haze

G13 Haze will grow like a Sativa plant and tower tall. It will have a thin elongated appearance and during flowering, will develop dense, light green buds with a heavy presence of orange pistils. The buds are also covered by numerous resinous trichomes that show her potency.

The aroma and flavour terpenes are also something to look towards. G13 Haze will provide a blend of delicious and woody notes with a hint of earthiness. The smell is loud and noticeable. The taste, on the other hand, is a delightful fruity taste with hints of woodiness and sage. It gives a delicious aftertaste.

Grow Report of G13 Haze

G13 will need some experience from the grower. She can do well outdoors, but her tall height will make her difficult to hide, while indoor cultivation will require huge spaces. She will require some trimming and topping alongside the use of Sea of Green to increase the yields.

What you should expect:

  • 65 to 70 days of flowering
  • Outdoor harvest month of October
  • Indoor heights of 100 cm
  • Outdoor heights of up to 150cm
  • The indoor yield of 550 grams per square metre
  • Outdoor harvest of 700 grams per plant

This plant grows medium short and compact for a Sativa dominant strain, and is perfect for SOG and ScrOG gardens.

Additional information

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest: No selection

550 g/m²

Height: No selection

100/110 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

65/70 days

Genetic Background: No selection

G13 x Hawaiian

Effect: No selection

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Taste: No selection

Citrus, Earthy, Pungent


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