White Choco


Arguably, White choco is one of Amsterdams most famous cannabis strain. She comes along with some celestial characteristics. You will fall in love with her. She has an incredibly spicy and delicious chocolate flavour that accompanies an uplifting and relaxing high. She is all rounded and will offer you a sensual experience. Introduce her to your grow room, and you will be happy. Buy White Choco cannabis seeds from Amsterdam Genetics online at HollandsHigh!

White Choco: Great Chocolate Flavour and Uplifting High

The fame that White Choco enjoys can be attributed to her parental heritage. The breeders at Amsterdam Genetics chose White Russian and Chocolope cannabis strain to make White Choco. While Chocolope brings a distinctive chocolate taste to the mix, White Russian brought an energetic high. She is a 50/50 mix of Sativa and Indica and has gone ahead to parent some of the loved cannabis strains on the shelves.

Effects of White Choco

White Choco has an even distribution of Sativa and Indica genetics. You will experience effects from both genetics when using the strain. On the cerebral front, her effects will be mood uplifting and euphoric. It does not throw you out into the cosmos but will give you a creativity boost. You will also receive energy boosts before some warmth engulfs you and you start to feel relaxed. She is an ideal strain to use as a creative as you will get the creative impulse you need for your art.

Furthermore, White Choco has medicinal potential. She is recommended for individuals with stress, anxiety, depression and low moods. These effects are paired up with the body buzz to give the user pain relief. At high dosages, she will help any user with insomnia to slowly fall into sleep. While on her smoke, ensure to have some snacks or food around. She is known to increase the users’ appetite.

Flavour and Aroma of White Choco

As her name suggests, the most prominent scent and flavour of White Choco is that of chocolate. It is complemented by rich notes of spice and pepper. The two bring a twist to the smoke in an interesting way. She is alluring and would make you crave her any moment you taste or smell chocolate.

Growth Info of White Choco

Cultivating this lady can be an enjoyable activity for anyone with experience in cannabis cultivation. She will do well both indoors and outdoors but would need different conditions. Outdoors she will need a constant supply of sunlight, and some grow techniques. Indoors, where she does best, she will grow into a productive plant.

As an outdoor plant, expect her to reach a height of around 120 to 150cm. She will yield around 400 to 600 grams per square metre. Outdoors, she will yield 400 to 500 grams per plant after growing to a height of about 200 to 300 cm. Expect healy=thy buds after a 9-week flowering period.

Additional information

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

500-600 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

450 – 500 g/plant

Height Indoor: No selection

120 – 150 cm

Height Outdoor: No selection

200 – 300 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

9 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

White Russian x Chocolope

Effect: No selection

Body buzz, Creative, Uplifting

Taste: No selection

Chocolate, Spicy, Sweet


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