White Choco Autoflower


After the success of the famous White Choco cannabis strain, users from around the world demanded an easier to grow version of the strain. Fortunately, Amsterdam Genetics was already ready. White Choco Auto-flower retains all the characteristics of the original White Choco, only this time it is easier to grow. Novice users who found the original hard to cultivate will surely fall in love with this auto-flower. Buy White Choco Autoflower cannabis seeds from Amsterdam Genetics online at HollandsHigh!

White Choco Autoflowering- Same Great Chocolate Flavour with Easier Growth Traits

The only change made to the original strain was top-quality cannabis ruderalis. Breeders at the Amsterdam genetics used Chocolope to deliver a unique chocolate flavour to the mix, White Russian for her energetic high and ruderalis for desired growth traits. The end product was a strain with 70% Indica genetics, 20% Sativa genetics and 10% ruderalis.

Effects of White Choco Autoflower

Given that the only change made to the original strain was an addition of 10% ruderalis, the genetic composition did not change much. The effects remain the same with an encounter of both Indica and Sativa effects.
You will experience a cerebral high that is accompanied by uplifting effects. Its high is gentle on the body, and you will experience a warmth engulfing you throwing you into a deeply relaxing state.

Furthermore, White Choco Autoflower has medicinal potential. She is approved for people with stress, anxiety, depression and low moods. These effects are paired up with the body buzz to give the user pain relief. At high dosages, she will help any user with insomnia to slowly fall into sleep. While on her smoke, ensure to have some snacks or food around. She is known to increase the users’ appetite.

Flavour and Aroma of White Choco Autoflower

As her name suggests, the most prominent scent and flavour of White Choco Autoflower is that of chocolate. It is complemented by rich notes of spice and pepper. The two bring a twist to the smoke in an interesting way. She is alluring and would make you crave her any moment you taste or smell chocolate.

Growth Info of White Choco Autoflower

While the original strain boasts a quick and robust growth cycle, the auto-flowering version is easier to grow and manage. Novice growers will find it easy dealing with her in the grow room or garden. She is of hardy genetics and can protect herself from mould and fungi. Protect her from the cold conditions of the summer nights, and she will give you respectable yields. She can do well both indoors and outdoors provided all the basics are met. Be ready to harvest healthy buds after a 9 to 10-weeks flowering period.

Additional information

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3 Seeds, 5 Seeds

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Flowering Time: No selection

9 – 10 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

White choco x Ruderalis

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Body buzz

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Chocolate, Spicy, Sweet


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