AK OG Kush


Whenever two legends meet, the clash is often a spectacle. That is the case with AK OG Kush. She is a hybris who weed smokers have dreamt about for ages. Now it is here, and it does deliver wholly. This Indica dominant strain delivers not only deliver a narcotic effect on the user but also comes laden with medicinal; benefits, huge harvests and great flavours. Buy AK OG Kush cannabis seeds from Amsterdam Genetics online at HollandsHigh!

AK OG Kush: Two Legends Hybridised into One

Whenever two masters are hybridised by top breeders, the results we expect are marvellous. Breeders at Amsterdam genetics went out to create such a strain. They settled on two well-known and respected legends AK- 47 and OG Kush. Through the mixing of their brilliant characteristics, they managed to give weed users this new legend AK OG Kush.

Effects of AK OG Kush

AK OG Kush, being a hybrid between two great strains, comes loaded with a potency that will take you to newer heights. Once the smoke has started working on your body, you will undergo levels of relaxation you have never known. The effects are heavy and narcotic. She is the perfect smoke for the evening and weekends when you have nothing demanding to do. Put on your favourite show or the movie you have been meaning to watch and enjoy the comfort this lady gives.

Furthermore, the strain is known to have some medical advantages to the users. The relaxation it gives is useful to medical marijuana users suffering from chronic pain, headaches and fatigue. The strain is also known to have mood-lifting abilities essential in stress and depression relief. Such properties make the strain popular.

Aroma and Flavour of AK OG kush

Apart from the potency that AK OG Kush delivers, she comes along with great flavours too. She mixes the distinct combination of tastes. Immediately you light the joint or bong, you are entertained by the smells of earth and spice. Later on, your tongue is entertained to pungent and woody flavours. Some users compare it to the taste of coffee.

Growth Info of AK OG Kush

When in the garden or grow room, AK OG kush exhibits the characteristics of an Indica. When she starts to flower, you will notice admirable, huge and compact nugs that will be oozing with resin. The strain is not very hard to cultivate but would need the required nutrients for a maximum harvest. She does well both indoors and outdoors.

The growers of this magical lady should expect a reward of around 500 to 600 grams per square metre when she is grown indoors. At maturity, she will be towering around 120 to 150 metres. As an outdoor plant, she will grow to a height of around 250 metres and yield between 400 and 600 grams of buds per plant. She has a 9 to 10-week flowering period and is ready for harvest in October.

Additional information


3 Seeds, 5 Seeds

Cannabis Type





Harvest indoor

500-600 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry)

400-600 g/plant

Height Indoor

120 – 150 cm

Height Outdoor

200 – 250 cm

Flowering Time

9 – 10 weeks

Genetic Background

AK-47 x OG Kush


Body buzz


Earthy, Pungent, Spicy


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