AK Choco Kush


If you are a marijuana user after a delicious strain that uplifts your moods, relaxes you and then knocks you out, AK Choco kush is the strain you want. This lady comes loaded with a 21% THC content level with some amazing chocolate flavours. She gives the user a comfortable and relaxed feeling as she majorly affects the body.

AK Choco Kush- Sweet but Narcotic

To come with this lady, the expert breeders at Amsterdam genetics settled on the delicious Choco Kush and AK 47 strains. The strain is unique to Amsterdam genetics. While the AK 47 brought its potency and sweet flavours and fragrances to the table, only the potency is inherited by AK Choco Kush. The strain takes the remarkably delicious intoxicating scent and flavour of the incredible Choco Kush.

Effects of AK Choco Kush

As an Indica dominant strain, the effects this beautiful lady gives is similar to any Indica. The results are usually a heavy body high that would render you couch-locked at the end. But before then, the strain will give the user a feeling of relaxation and body buzz. The effects come in slowly and could catch you unaware. After a while, and with more dosage, you start to feel lazy. You would want a comfortable place where you can slowly drift off into sleep.

The strain is also known to have numerous medicinal benefits to the user. The body buzz and stoning help fight physical pain, even when the pain is chronic. Furthermore, users who are dealing with depression and stress have reported feeling relief when under her influence. Use her to fight fatigue and mild headaches. Avoid using her in the morning before work as it could render you lazy. It is the perfect night strain that will throw you into sleep, especially for insomniacs.

Aroma and Flavour of AK Choco Kush

One thing for sure is that this lady will impress both your taste buds and nostrils. The nugs of this lady give wonderful tastes that are characterised by chocolate and hints of spice. The blend is sweet and would go along with the potency of the strain.

Growth Info of AK Choco Kush

AK Choco Kush is an easy strain to plant and manage. She is ideal for novice growers looking to learn the art of cannabis growing. While she is a photoperiod strain, she grows in different types of environments due to her hardy genetics. She can do well both indoors and outdoors. As an indoor or outdoor plant, she will grow to medium height sand give medium yields. She has an 8 to 9-week flowering period as is ready for harvest in October.

Additional information

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Flowering Time: No selection

9 – 10 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

AK47 x Choco Kush

Effect: No selection

Body buzz

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Chocolate, Spicy, Sweet


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