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Return Policy

Yes, you usually have the right to return your order at Holland’s High, with some conditions. Here are the typical return conditions:

Non-perishable products: You can generally return products that are not perishable. This includes items like accessories, clothing, or other non-perishable goods.
Unused and in the original packaging: The returned products must be in unused condition and still in their original packaging. This means they should not be opened, altered, or damaged.

Time limit: There may be a time limit for returning products. It’s important to check the return conditions on our website or contact our customer service to verify how long you have to request a return.

Returning an item at Holland’s High is simple. Here are the steps you should follow:

Contact our customer service: If you decide to return an item, start by reaching out to our customer service. You can do this through email or a contact form on our website. Let them know which item you want to return and provide a reason for the return.

Consult with our customer service: Our customer service team will review your request for a return.

They will guide you and, if necessary, generate a return label for you. It’s important to ensure that your return request aligns with our return policy.

Package the item: Place the item you want to return in the original packaging, if possible. Make sure the item is in the same condition as when you received it, and include any accompanying accessories or documentation.

Use the return label: If you’ve received a return label, affix it to the package. This label typically contains all the necessary information for the return, including the return address.

Ship the item: Take the packaged item to a shipping point or carrier, following the instructions provided by our customer service. Make sure to obtain a proof of shipment for your return.

At Holland’s High, we typically offer a 30-day warranty period for our items, provided they meet certain criteria:

Non-perishable products: The 30-day warranty generally applies to non-perishable products, such as accessories, clothing, and other non-perishable goods.

Unused and in the original packaging: To be eligible for warranty, returned products typically need to be in unused condition and still in their original packaging. This means they should not be opened, altered, or damaged.

It’s important to file any warranty claims within the specified warranty period and ensure that the products meet the criteria mentioned above. If you have any questions about the warranty terms for a specific item or if you wish to make a warranty claim, please contact our customer service. Our team is ready to assist you and resolve any issues with your items within the applicable warranty period.

At Holland’s High, there are certain products that typically fall outside our return policy due to their nature and legal restrictions. These products include:

Perishable products: Items such as truffles, growkits, brownies, candies, and other perishable goods are generally not eligible for returns due to health and safety reasons.

Returning these products could jeopardize their quality and safety.

Products with an expiration date: Items with an expiration date may also be excluded from our return policy because their quality and safety can be affected over time. We advise customers to carefully check the expiration date information before making a purchase.

Read our return and refund policy

Return Policy

Hollands High aims to provide the best deliveries. However, if you are not satisfied with our package and purchase, you can return the package to us within 30 days of receiving the order at your delivery address.
Here are our conditions for returned goods; please read them carefully.

Return Conditions

Fresh products, including magic mushrooms and magical herbs, are not eligible for return due to their short shelf life. If you are not satisfied with our fresh products, please contact our customer service, and we may be able to assist you. For health-related purposes, energy enhancers, pipes, vaporizers, and similar products are only eligible for return if they are returned unused and the original packaging is unaltered.
All packages must be sealed in the original packaging, unopened, unused, or undamaged, as applicable, to be eligible for return.

Returning Items

If you wish to return a product, please contact our customer service. You can only return an item after reaching an agreement with the customer service representative. In the event that the package you have returned was damaged, we will send a replacement after receiving and inspecting the original package.

Replacement Requirements

If you have received a package that was damaged during delivery, you must report this to us within seven days of receiving it at your delivery address. Write to us at our email address regarding the damage to the order and include photos. The package will be returned to us, after which we will inspect the original delivery and, if applicable, replace and deliver the package.