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How to roll the perfect filtertip for your joint?

Today I’m going to help you to make the perfect fitertips for your joint! However, the perfect filter tip can be different for everyone. This depends on several factors, such as the shape and size of your joint and of obviously your personal preference. The best material to roll your filter tip is sturdy paper like the filter tips from the Bulldog. Below you will find our step by step walktrough guide for creating 2 of our favourite tip rolling methods!

The M Shaped Filter Tip:


m shape rolling tip


Fold a small edge on the side of the paper.


Fold a small edge again but this time in the other direction.


Repeat this twice more. You will now have an M shape.


Turn the remaining piece into a round shape.


Now turn the round shape around the M shape.

The second one is going to be a bit more easy, the spiral shape.

The Spiral Shaped Filter Tip:


spiral shape tip


Fold over a very small edge on the side of the paper.


From here you twist it tight into a roll.


Now continue to turn it into a tight roll, and you can loosen it as desired.

Buy Tips & Pre-Rolled Tips

Don’t feel like rolling a tip? You can also use the pre-rolled tips, listed below along with our favorite tip papers:

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The Bulldog Filter Tips

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How to choose a perfect bong for your needs?

How to choose of a bong depends on a few factors such material type you want, your budget and performance. At Holland high, we avail both the complete package and replacement to suit your requirements.

Our Head Shop brings you high-quality products from different producers in the industry. We also have a Bong Master Cleaner available at our Head Shop for best bong clean services. Shop with us and enjoy the benefits.

How Bong Provides Safe Smoking
Purpose of water is to trap any heavier substances that may enter into smoker’s routes. The soluble substances will be remaining in the water while the insoluble will distil downward. The process ensures that the smoker gets pure and safe content during inhalation.

How Bong Operates to Provide Comfortability
Bong consists of a mouthpiece, water jar and a stem. Its operated in the following way.
• Add water to the bong and ensure it rises above the connection gap of the stem.
• Place the cannabis or substance to be used on top of the stem. The lit it so that it can produce smoke.
• The smoker uses the top part to inhale. The action is done to attract the smoke into the water. Smoke molecules will result in bubbles.
• After sufficient bubbles are in the water, the cannabis substance is removed.
• After the operation, the smoker can inhale the smoke captured in the bubbles.

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