CBD foot cream

Foot Cream with CBD

Any individual who spends most of their day on their feet or using their feet cannot avoid getting tired and sore. It becomes more cruciating if this is something that happens day in day out. The body can build up tolerance against painkillers, and the best alternative is a natural remedy. That is where our Foot Cream with CBD comes. It is an organic product infused with CBD and capable of soothing the feet while hydrating and protecting the skin around them. It is a safe legal product allowed in many places and will keep you on your feet minus problems. Order your Foot Cream with CBD from our Hollands High Webshop today and have an easy time on your feet.

Ingredients of Foot Cream with CBD

There are various misconceptions around the ingredients incorporated into the creation of CBD products. One is the legality of using the products. Holland’s Highs Foot Cream with CBD is a pure THC-free product that uses natural ingredients alongside CBD to provide your feet with comfort from tiredness. THC is the psychoactive element found in cannabis and is responsible for getting people high. Other ingredients incorporated into the special formulas include; annuus seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, glycine soja oil and calendula Officinalis flower extract. They work in harmony with the CBD extract to give the user the desired results.

Benefits of Using Foot Cream with CBD

Spending long hours on your feet can easily strain the muscles. It becomes a major challenge if you have to spend most of your days standing or using your feet. It can lead to tiredness and soreness that is uncomfortable and irritating. Foot Cream with CBD uses its formula to massage the muscles while soothing the feet. It relieves them of tiredness and feels rejuvenating.

Furthermore, Foot Cream with CBD has other uses. The same formula penetrates your skin, and the ingredients will add value to your skin by keeping it hydrated and protected. You get to have strong energized feet, and they look good too. The product does not contain any THC and will not attract any authorities to your doorstep. Do not let your feet hurt anymore. Get yourself the Holland’s High Foot Cream with CBD.

Usage of Foot Cream with CBD

To use the product, clean your feet thoroughly and dry them. Apply some cream on your feet and massage gently starting from your toes and the spaces in between as you work your way to the back and top of your feet. Do the same for your ankles and sole for a few weeks, and you will start to notice a difference. Remember to store the foot cream with CBD away from heat and direct sunlight that do more harm than good.

Give your feet the much-needed relief they need and make the skin around their glow. Head to our Hollands High Webshop and get yourself one!

CBD Foot Cream


Hollands High CBD Foot Cream has been professionally designed to soothe your exhausted feet while hydrating and offering protection for your skin. The kneaded cream is made with all-natural ingredients, which will leave you feeling refreshed after long hours on your feet without any tingling or burning sensation. Its anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for soothing…

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