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Shipping & Delivery

Fast Delivery

Timely delivery of your package is our priority. Hollands High is always looking for creative ways to deliver your order as fast as possible and discretely. We ensure a timely arrival of your parcel while maintaining privacy. Please view our page to find out if we ship to your country. You will gauge when you are likely to receive the parcel. You can track your orders online. Hollands High aims to provide affordable shipping rates. 

Discrete Shipping

Hollands High assures you of your privacy. We ensure only you know the contents of the delivery. We utilise discreet packaging. The cover of the package just displays your physical address, the return address and the crucial post information. Importantly, we never use Hollands High as the sender’s name. Our packaging guarantees you of your privacy, and you are the one only who be joyful by the arrival of the package. We send orders in plain envelopes, and no person can ascertain who the sender is or what the parcel contains. You will not find the logo or name of Hollands High on your package.

Questions about delivery

The delivery time for an order at Holland’s High can vary and depends on various factors, including the specific product you’ve ordered, its availability, and the location where you place your order. Since we also offer perishable products that need to be kept refrigerated, availability may vary. Some products may not always be in large stock due to their shelf life, which is not longer than 3 months in most cases.

At Holland’s High, we ensure that your order is shipped safely and discreetly. Here’s how a typical order is shipped:

Payment received: Once we have received and processed your payment, your order is processed in our system and prepared for shipping.

Packaging: We carefully and discreetly package your order to respect our customers’ privacy. No information about the contents of the package is mentioned on the outside.

Shipping options: We usually ship orders through delivery services like PostNL or UPS, depending on your choice. These delivery services typically provide tracking options, allowing you to monitor the progress of your delivery.

Shipping process: Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking code that allows you to track the status and location of your package. This helps you know when your order will be delivered to your home.

Delivery: Your order will be delivered to the specified delivery address you provided during checkout. We aim to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but the delivery time may vary depending on the product and your location.

We offer the option to track your order. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking code from the carrier. With this tracking code, you can monitor the status and location of your package while it is on its way to your delivery address. If for any reason you did not receive a tracking code, you can contact us, and we will do our best to provide you with the necessary information. We strive to make your shopping experience as transparent and easy as possible, so you are always aware of the status of your order.

At Holland’s High, we understand the importance of privacy for our customers. Therefore, we always send our packages discreetly and unrecognizably. We take extra precautions to ensure that there is no indication of what is inside the package, both on the outside and in the shipping information. You can trust that your privacy is a priority.

We understand that some customers have specific preferences regarding the delivery date or time of their order. While we welcome notes and comments from customers, we must mention that it is not always possible to accommodate specific delivery date or time requests if they are included in the notes. This is because the logistics of shipping and delivery sometimes depend on external factors, such as the availability of carriers and the delivery address. However, we do our utmost to process and ship orders as quickly as possible, ensuring that all our customers receive their orders within a reasonable time.

At Holland’s High, shipping costs are calculated based on two key factors: the country from which you are ordering and the weight of your package. Here is a concise explanation of how shipping costs are calculated:

Destination country: Shipping costs can vary depending on the country where you place your order. International shipments may incur higher shipping costs than domestic shipments due to the distance and associated logistics costs.
Package weight: Shipping costs usually increase with the weight of your package. In general, heavier packages cost more to ship than lighter ones because carriers charge based on the weight of the package.

At Holland’s High, we offer free home delivery for orders that meet certain conditions. Here’s how our ‘Free Home Delivery’ policy typically works:

Order amount: To qualify for free home delivery, your order usually needs to reach a minimum amount. For example, in the Netherlands, orders with amounts of €100 or more are eligible for free shipping.

Delivery destination:
Our policy for free home delivery depends on the distance from specific countries or regions. Check our below price table for information and prices for free shipping!

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the carrier will attempt to leave your order with one of your neighbors, if possible. If it’s not possible to leave your order with a neighbor, the carrier will leave a note in your mailbox with further instructions. This may include scheduling a new delivery appointment, picking up the package from a nearby pickup point, or following additional instructions to complete the delivery

We deliver your order directly to your door. It’s important to ensure that your shipping address is filled out correctly and completely, including any details such as house numbers, additions, or other relevant information. This allows us to ensure that your order is delivered accurately and on time to the location you provided.

Yes, it is possible to change your delivery address after placing your order at Holland’s High. To do this, you should contact us as soon as possible. We aim to process and ship orders quickly, so it’s important to act promptly if you need to change the address. Contact our customer service and provide the updated shipping information.

Shipping costs for large, heavy items are generally higher than the costs for small items due to how carriers calculate their rates. Carriers, such as PostNL or UPS, often base their shipping costs on the weight of the package. Heavier packages require more effort and costs to transport because they require more fuel and take up more space in the transport vehicle. This results in higher shipping costs.

If your order is incorrect or there is a problem with the received products, we recommend contacting our customer service immediately. Our team is ready to assist you in resolving any issues. Our customer service will then create and email you a return label. With this label, you can return the incorrect or damaged products to us at no cost. Once we receive and inspect the returned products, we will take steps to resolve the issue, such as sending the correct products or processing a refund, depending on the nature of the problem and your preference.

Although Holland’s High does everything to deliver your order within the specified time, customers should provide the correct address when placing an order. In the case of incorrect delivery information, Hollands High is not liable for any costs incurred, delivery to the wrong address, or resulting late delivery.

If your package is damaged, please contact us via email. Return goods only with authorization. Customers are responsible for the costs associated with returning goods, unless otherwise agreed. Therefore, always contact our customer service first.

Shipping Cost & Delivery Time

Destination Country Average Delivery Time Small Package Medium Package Large Package Free Shipping
Belgium 1-2 days €3,95 €6,95 €12,95 €100,00
Bulgaria 3-6 days €14,95 €18,95 €24,95 €100,00
Croatia 3-6 days €17,95 €18,95 €18,95 €100,00
Czech Republic 2-3 days €6,95 €16,95 €23,95 €100,00
Denmark 3-4 days €5,95 €11,95 €14,95 €100,00
Estonia 2-3 days €6,95 €18,95 €24,95 €100,00
Finland 2-3 days €6,95 €17,95 €21,95 €100,00
France 2-4 days €6,95 €16,95 €12,95 €100,00
Germany 2-3 days €4,95 €11,95 €7,95 €100,00
Greece 2-3 days €7,95 €18,95 €24,95 €100,00
Hungary 2-4 days €7,95 €18,95 €19,95 €100,00
Iceland 2-3 days €12,95 €19,95 €18,95 €200,00
Ireland 2-4 days €7,95 €16,95 €18,95 €100,00
Italy 3-4 days €7,95 €16,95 €14,95 €100,00
Latvia 3-5 days €7,95 €19,95 €24,95 €100,00
Lithuania 2-3 days €7,95 €19,95 €24,95 €100,00
Luxembourg 1-2 days €6,95 €11,95 €10,95 €100,00
Austria 2-3 days €4,95 €9,95 €5,95 €100,00
Netherlands 1-2 days €3,95 €6,95 €12,95 €100,00
Poland 2-3 days €6,95 €17,95 €19,95 €100,00
Portugal 2-4 days €6,95 €17,95 €16,95 €100,00
Romania 2-4 days €7,95 €19,95 €23,95 €100,00
Slovenia 2-4 days €7,95 €19,95 €19,95 €100,00
Slovakia 2-4 days €7,95 €19,95 €16,95 €100,00
Spain 2-3 days €5,95 €16,95 €16,95 €100,00
Sweden 3-4 days €6,95 €19,95 €18,95 €100,00
Destination CountryAverage Delivery TimeSmall PackageMedium PackageLarge PackageFree Shipping
Canada2-4 days€34,95€24,95€300,00
Norway2-3 days€9,95€29,95€18,95€150,00
Switzerland2-4 days€9,95€29,37€18,95€150,00
United Kingdom2-5 days€12,95€12,95€200,00
United States5-7 days€34,95€24,95€300,00
Other countries7-14 days€34,95€24,95€300,00