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CBD daycream

Day Cream with CBD

Holland’s High has for a long time provided its customers with a wide range of cannabis products. Using our years of expertise, we decided to jump into CBD beauty products and with it came the Day Cream with CBD. It is an organic product made out of CBD extracted from cannabis to protect your skin throughout the day. It is moisturizing, nutritious and will give your skin a glow to stand out. It does not use any chemical additives and will not have any negative effects on the skin. It is safe and has proven efficient. Order yours today from our Hollands High Webshop, and have a wonderful day under your skin.

Ingredients of Day Cream with CBD

We strive at giving our customers a product that will make the skin look good and nourished. It uses top-notch extraction processes to ensure that the extracts from chemical-free cannabis do not contain any THC. They only utilize CBD, terpenes and flavonoids alongside other ingredients to give your skin that perfect glow. All the ingredients are carefully selected to avoid any contamination that would bring problems to the skin.

The makers will professionally infuse a special combination of compounds such as vitamin C, shea butter, vitamin E, as well as calendula oil that nurtures your skin. The ingredients, among many others, work together with the infused CBD Oil to give the user the desired results throughout the day.

Benefits of Day Cream with CBD

Anyone who works under the sun for some time or the whole day will be sure to have concerns on how to care for their skin. Many elements like the wind, humidity levels and pollution also make the concern more real. Mister Maka looked at the issue and decided to come up with a Day Cream infused with CBD. It protects you from harmful elements while providing nourishment to the skin.

The different ingredients will play various roles in this quest. The vitamins will loan their anti oxidating capabilities to push out toxins from the skin, flower oil will have therapeutic properties, while the shea butter brings its moisturizing aspects. The CBD will aid in soothing sensitive and damaged skin. Overall, the oil is a perfect natural alternative in keeping your beauty radiating throughout the day.

Application of Day Cream with CBD

As a daytime cream, it is best used in the morning before getting about your errands. Start by washing your face, cleansing it and toning. Use a clean finger to apply a thin layer of the product of your face and spread it evenly.

When storing the product, keep it away from heat and direct sunlight- they do no good to CBD Oil Day Cream.

CBD Day Cream


With our CBD Day Cream, you will be able to start your day with sparkly skin thanks to its special combination. The preventative features in this cream are credited for its effectiveness and professional infused properties, including Vitamin C alongside shea butter and others! Calendula oil also adds allurement so you can have a beautiful…

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