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Welcome to the customer service of HollandsHigh. We aim to assist everyone to their satisfaction. On this page, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. For other inquiries, please contact us using the form below. We will strive to answer your questions within 72 hours. Before reaching out, please check if the answer to your question is already provided below.

Frequently Asked Question

All products on the Hollands High website are legal in the Netherlands. We cannot guarantee the legality of our products in the country where you reside. It is your own responsibility to inform yourself about local laws.

We ship our packages discreetly, so you cannot see the contents. We send all our orders in inconspicuous packaging, and you cannot see what is inside our packages from the outside.

Your delivery time and shipping costs depend on the country where you live. You can find information about how many working days it takes for your order to arrive and the associated costs by following this link to the shipping information page.

We see the same information on our tracking page as the customer, and unfortunately, we cannot request additional information from the shipping company. If your tracking and tracing are not working yet, it means that the postal service is currently sorting your package locally and it still needs to be scanned. Once this is done, the tracking & tracing will be updated, and the package will be sent to your country.

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Do you have a question about your order that is not answered in our frequently asked questions? Please ask your question below, and we will try to respond to your message within 2 working days.