Salvia Divinorum

Salvia is one of the most aggressive psychoactive plants that you can ever find on the market today. The plant boasts psychedelic properties that occur naturally. Therefore, if you are looking for an exclusive psychoactive experience, then here is where you can find it. Salvinorin is the active ingredient of Salvia, which is known to be the reason for the potent effects of the plant. Salvinorin A is the strongest dissociative hallucinogen that can affect the kappa` opioid receptor.

This product remains powerful even when taken in the smallest dose, which is why it might not be the best thing to use in high amounts for the first time. The S-Subtle effects are the mildest you can encounter after using the product and might be considered as strong by the first-timers. Most of the time, these effects are hard to notice, and the users will fee rather relaxed and contemplative. Some have also reported that they get deep focus.

The A-Altered perception is the second level of high you can get from using Salvia. The user might feel that the music is fuller or rather more complex. Due to altered perception, they will have changed in their thought patterns as well as other sensory details. In some cases, you will feel that the space around you is entirely different.

The L-visionary state is the initial hallucinogenic stage of using the product, and the V-visionary state is after the light visionary state. At this stage, you are likely to get some aural and visual hallucinations that are longer-lasting compared to the previous ones. This is a strong supplement that should be used carefully. The product might affect you when used in large amounts. If you intend to try for the first time, be slow and observe the body changes after each dose.

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