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Enjoy a high that you've had a hand in creating by getting into growing! Holland's High knows that home growth can be a rewarding hobby. Raising your own plants from seeds over the weeks is a great way to unwind that comes with a huge payoff at the end. But getting from seed to beautiful, big bud can take a few attempts to perfect. Buying from the growshop can help you get a running start down this road. Our growshop can set you up with everything you need to grow your own products safely and legally from the comfort of your own home. We stock nutrient kits, automatic growth seed kits, pellets and more! The growshop is here for when you want to take the first steps beyond seeds and soil to produce a more potent strain. After you’ve settled on a variety of seed from our seedshop, be sure to stock up on pellets and booster tablets so that your seed grows and flowers into a happy, healthy, potent plant. These tablets are packed with potassium, calcium and other nutrients — all designed to ensure densers flowering, richer yields and deficiency-free plants. If you’re interested in a smaller project to whet your appetite, we stock all-in-one growth kits for some of our most popular seed varieties. These grow cans come with everything you need to grow a baby plant. They’re perfect for beginning hobbyists, make great gifts for stoner friends, and let anybody who is interested in trying a new strain of weed do so without having to break their bank. Holland's High growshop is sourced with only the finest products and run by passionate hobby growers. You’re in good hands when you shop with us. Buy and grow your favourite cannabis strains online today through Holland's High!

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