Rolls is a brand renowned for magnificent rolling papers, cones and smoke accessories. The rolling papers from Rolls are available in various lengths and widths depending on user preference. These high-quality papers make cannabis smoking a whole lot easier, enjoyable and fulfilling. They are available in slim, medium and large sizes depending on the joint size desired.

Another high-quality product from Rolls is The Rolls rolling tray with a secret box. It features a two-layered design with a top layer for general storage and a hidden layer for private storage. The design has discretion in mind and allows users to keep the best strains hidden when smoking with friends.

In the recent past, Rolls began producing smart filters that have stood out among its competitors. Smart filters have been designed to allow users to experience the best from joints without the constant worry of filters failing.

The smart filter prevents harmful particles from passing, thanks to the laser technology used in their making. This technology also enables the Rolls smart filters to have a small vented internal cooling system, thus giving users a smoother pull. In addition, Rolls smart filters have an internal filter that makes the purification process more thorough. Due to their large size, a tighter roll is made possible when placed in the paper.

A smart filer also makes it possible to smoke a whole joint without burning your fingers. It is made possible by providing space between the burning material and the user’s lips. It results in a wholesome experience when smoking a joint.

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24-karat gold pre-rolled cone Kingsize

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24-karat gold rolling paper – 2 pack

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24-karat gold rolling paper – Kingsize

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Rolls Smart Filters

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Smoking Paper Box

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