RAW is famous for producing top-notch smoking accessories in addition to chlorine-free, vegan and natural rolling papers. The Spanish-based company is profoundly experienced in the cannabis industry and highly regarded due to its vast experience.  Rolling papers from RAW have earned a name among cannabis enthusiasts due to their purely organic nature. Aside from the crisscross watermarks on the rizzlas looking admirable, they also serve a greater purpose of ensuring a smooth burn. By eliminating toxic chemicals and additives from the rolling papers, RAW offers users a memorable smoking experience. Therefore, users can enjoy the terpene profile of various cannabis strains without interference from chemicals and dyes.

Moreover, the lung-friendly papers from RAW are free from Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It makes them the top choice for conscious smokers who intend to avoid the consumption of GMOs. Without bleaching or dyeing their papers to appear natural, RAW has maintained a high quality of rolling papers over the years.

With the different joints required for different situations, RAW manufactures the rolling papers in various sizes. It is aimed at accommodating a wider pool of users and cover all occasions. For the casual smoker, RAW has the perfect-sized King Sized Hemp rolling papers. They offer enough space to accommodate weed suitable for one person’s smoking session. Their slow-burning sheets ensure users get stoned even during a mid-day session.

To adequately suit all cannabis users, RAW also offer 30 cm long Huge Rolling Papers, suitable for rolling baseball bat-sized joints. Additionally, RAW on Roll Paper is a product suited for users who regularly change the sizes of their joints. The 3-meter-long papers allow users to roll a small personal joint to a meter long joint for communal sessions.

The love for RAW’s hemp rolling paper goes beyond novelty reasons. Hemp provides a reliable, effective and robust resource for various uses and rolling papers is one of them. The Hemp rolling papers from RAW also feature an organic Acacia based natural gum strip. It helps in sealing the paper at the end of each roll. For users with a preference for standard rolling papers, RAW offers high quality traditional rolling papers.

RAW additionally offers an assortment of smoking accessories aimed at improving users’ overall smoking experience. An outstanding example of such a product is the RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray. It simplifies smoking cannabis by providing space to carry anything needed for a smoke session. To secure supplies needed such as papers, tips and flowers, the tray uses eight powerful magnets. An equally fantastic product from RAW is the Double Barrel Joint Holder 2, which allows smoking of 2 joints at a time. Other RAW products include RAW wooden pipe, RAW joint Roller and RAW hemp wick, all designed to improve user’s smoking experiences. The RAW Foundation is the brand’s way of giving back and spreading good vibes across countries. Their activities range from humanitarian activities to environmental ones.

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