During an internship project in France, the founders of the Ogeez brand coined their first slogan, Relax it’s just chocolate! It would be the beginning of a chocolaty adventure for the brand that has since expanded into Spain.

The brand is particularly renowned for Ogeez Krunch, an item loved worldwide. Ogeez Krunch is a choco weed derived from a mixture of smooth white chocolate, matcha tea with chlorella and puffed rice. It is mainly given as a gift and preferred by cannabis enthusiasts as a snack. The tasty product from Ogeez is available in various forms, namely, Peanut Haze, Coco Bud, Purple lot, sunrise dream and Super krunch. 

In addition, their premium chocolate creations have earned them a name in the industry, especially among the Z generation. Made with premium and certified UTZ chocolate, their products are free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. With their friendly prices, the Ogeez brand has unlimited growth potential and an equally limitless possibility for expansion soon.

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