Landracer CBD oil is among the most respected manufacturers in the industry today. It is especially famed for high-quality products and knowledge of its raw materials, research methods and production styles. Their wide range of products is only made from pure and natural industrial hemp that is free of additives, impurities and chemicals.

Landracer oils are available in different concentrations and doses and are specially made for conscious users who value their health. However, consumers are free to choose their favourable dosage according to their needs. For new consumers, the 3% CBD oil is most suitable and also acts as an entry to stronger variants such as the 7%, 10% and 25%. Apart from the cannabidiol which is loaded with useful properties, their oils contain fully natural terpenes that add to aroma and flavour. Nevertheless, the terpenes content is kept at a low level, 0.03%, which does not give consumers a feeling of high.

Landracer recommends using the oils in the morning and evening by placing the drops under the tongue. Consumers are also free to pick suitable periods of usage and amounts depending on their tolerance for the product.

The company values transparency and posts test results of their oils regularly in a bid to dispel fears while assuring users of quality. Landracer’s assortment of products includes accessories, CBD oils, CBD skincare, CBD foods, tea and CBD sport. Each product is engineered to offer consumers unique and unmatched experiences ranging from relaxation, sleep and focus.

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