IGrowCan is a distinguished brand famed for allowing people to grow cannabis in their homes quickly. Their grow kits are made with utmost precision, with all items used being of the highest possible quality to ensure optimal growth.

The coco soil used in the IGrowCan is carefully selected to ensure the plant gets enough nutrients to grow healthy. Additionally, the nutrients are picked wisely to enable the plant to grow and flower at the right time. The nutrients are manually added to the soil and roots directly for optimum plant growth using a pipette.

The Grow plug consists of organic material and has a pre-selected PH and EC value alongside a constant air-to-water ratio. For this reason, it enables fast germination, solid roots and reliable germination. It allows the soil to stay together during the early stages of growth, thus leading to a clean growing area.

The preferred seeds are from Royal Queens Seeds since they are fully feminized, organic, and high-quality. Additionally, the seeds have a high yield and a short flowering period, therefore faster harvesting. IGrowCan packages two seeds with the grow kits, thus providing users with a spare seed if required.

The plant feed used is an Aqualogic feed that is fully organic, thus allowing your plant to bring out its natural beauty. The IGrowCan allows for a micro cannabis plant that will extend up to 40 centimetres in height with all the requirements. Its yields are smaller as compared to full-sized plants and are ideal for personal use.

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