Founded by W.de Lepper, a Dutch farmer with a passion for nature, The Hy-Pro brand is a titan in today’s fertilizer market. Hy-Pro fertilizers began in 1990 intending to assist in the growth of plants. With the quality formula used in their products, the company has a wide clientele base drawn from various countries.

With an ever-growing product portfolio ranging from additives to substrates, the company has earned itself numerous awards all over the world. One such notable product widely applied in cannabis growing is the Hydro-Pro which is packed with nutrients. Apart from being simple to use, the user-friendly product is also capable of boosting yields beyond the grower’s expectations. This is possible since they add the A+B to your tank thus plants can grow without deficiencies.

Hy-Pro root stimulator helps plants develop an astounding root system able to absorb water and fertilizers more efficiently. Consequently, cannabis plants can grow to their maximum size and yield abundantly. 

For cannabis growers practising indoor cultivation, Hy pro has engineered the SprayMix, a product that mimics the effects of fresh rain. Spraying the cannabis plant with SprayMix every 2-3 weeks has similar effects to regular rainfall. It causes heavier buds, greener plant’s leaves, more robust stems, and branches that can bear more weight without breaking.

Furthermore, Hy-Pro provides easy-to-use liquids with the ability to alter PH levels depending on the required levels by the plant. Additional products from Hy-Pro include Epic Blast Coco, Cal mag, Coco A+B, PH bloom and Hy-Pro Generator among others. In the recent past, Hy-Pro has increasingly sold its products through the over 1500 stores under its name.

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