Charles, Johan and Jeremy are credited as the founders of The Hemp Clinic due to their passion for health and well-being. Following their founding of The Hemp Clinic, they purposed to grow Hemp crops to create awareness of its endless health benefits. Moreover, they had a dream of creating a new Hemp based industry that would revolutionize the perception of cannabis across the world.

Today, the brand that began with just a handful of seeds works with licensed Hemp farmers and suppliers across the globe. It offers the best quality EU Certified Organic Hemp, cosmetics and oils to suit the growing demand for Hemp products. Through its hemp products, it has boosted the economy in addition to changing the lives of users.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant and has limitless medical uses. For this reason, Hemp Clinic offers a wide range of CBD based products, including CBD Hemp soaps, Lip balms and organic tea. Careful processing of these products leads to the high-quality that is in correspondence with the Hemp Clinic brand. Furthermore, the fast-spreading popularity of CBD products is because it has no side effects and lacks psychoactivity associated with high THC. 

A notable benefit of cannabidiol present in Hemp Clinic’s products is the anti-tumour capabilities it possesses. Due to the high concentration of cannabinoid receptors on breast cancer cells, they bind to cannabinoids, thus inhibiting tumour activity.

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