The Happease brand started in 2018 with the objective of allowing users to enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD. For the founders, Happease is more than a CBD brand, they consider it a movement, a lifestyle, a family and a revolution. Aside from educating people around the world, the brand also aims at exploring the extensive potential of the magical cannabis plant, CBD’s, flavonoids and terpenes. Through its exclusive handcrafted formulas, Happease develops sophisticated CBD products of top-notch quality. They grow, extract and blend hemp genetics to provide users with the most innovative quality.

One of the notable formulas from Happease is The Mountain river. It instils in users, feelings of relaxation, strength, pure sentiments and constancy that only nature can provide. Additionally, the formula provides a perfect combination of serenity and calmness thus enabling users to appreciate their surroundings. Within its formula, Mountain River has OG Kush, a hybrid strain famed for its unique aroma and calming properties.

Furthermore, Happease has a jungle spirit formula, specially designed to energize and invigorate users. With its Banana Kush blend, a hybrid strain with a delightful aroma, the formula helps users concentrate and focus their minds. In addition, the formula is enhanced by adding terpenes which improve the fragrance and formula. Pinene is the most abundant terpene in Jungle spirit and has a sharp, sweet and pine aroma similar to pine needles.

Through its unique selection of formulas, Happease has bagged several awards including the World CBD awards winner in 2019. The Tropical house for relaxation and Lemon tree for balance are other notable formulas featured by Happease.

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