Flower mate vaporizers are among the most preferred portable vaporizers due to their affordability, sleek design, and simplicity. Their vaporizers are available in different models suited with various features for the targeted market. The company, founded in 2014, offers a wide range of portable vaporizers to be used with concentrates and dry herbs. Its products are easy to use, practical and efficient in vaporization, and easily affordable. The models have removable batteries, ovens temperature controls, fast heating times, and pass-through mode to allow usage while charging.

Since vaporizers have become an essential accessory for cannabis connoisseurs, Flower mate has designed vaporizers to take your experience to the next level. The Flowermate V5.OS pro vaporizer is a leading portable vaporizer product packed with different features and excellent battery life. They work by heating weed until the cannabinoids evaporate while the dried matter does not combust. It leads to a more precise and more uplifted high with reduced smoke and an overall pleasant experience.

The Flowermate Cap pro is designed to improve your vaping experience with features such as a unique glazed stainless steel heating chamber. In addition, it comes with a stealthy size, haptic feedback, and a powerful battery for a memorable experience. Maintenance is made easy through a removable magnetic mouthpiece which makes cleaning easy.

Other known vaporizers from Flowermate include Flowermate UNO vaporizer, Flowermate Aura, and Flowermate Slick. Currently, Flowermate is developing programs for continuous development to improve vaporizers and come up with models using the latest technology.

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