Da Vinci is renowned for its top-notch portable vaporizers, engineered with a host of unique features. The company was founded in 2011 by Cortney smith with the motive of changing the world’s imagination. Smith was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s visions and tenacity when naming the company. The brand is known worldwide specifically for innovation, meticulous engineering, perfection, and innovative technology. In addition, Da Vinci vaporizers have advanced the dry herb experience by their thoughtful designs.

For new smokers, finding a portable, durable yet sleek vaporizer packed with features is quite a challenge. Da Vinci vaporizers meet all of these requirements through their innovative nature and vast experience in the field and offer unique functions friendly to a beginner smoker.

Among the most common vaporizers from Da Vinci is the Da Vinci IQ, designed to allow you to experience an astounding level of flavours. It is perfect for a casual smoker and features a new design with illuminating dots to show temperature and battery levels. Moreover, the IQ is designed to offer excellent resistance while retaining vapour quality to prevent your vapour’s flavour from compromising.

The IQ exceeds your expectations by being the only vaporizer allowing temperature control through a mobile app. Additionally, the app tracks your preferred temperature and session lengths through a graph. Maintaining the IQ is easy as long as it is regularly cleaned, preferably using an alcohol-soaked swab.

Da Vinci also has an IQ2 which is an improvement of the IQ and Da Vinci MIQRO Vaporizer among its wide range of vaporizer products. The Da Vinci IQC vaporizer is also a new-products that features more features. Da Vinci’s reliable devices, stylish designs, and reputation set it apart from other brands of vaporizers.

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