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Currently based in Barcelona in Spain, Cali terpene is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cannabis terpenes profiles in various forms. The company initially started in California following the legalization of Cannabis and the increased popularity of vape pens.

The company uses expert doctors, technicians, highly specialized experts in Cannabis, and chemists to produce the highest quality of cannabis products. Terpenes profiles are primarily used in various products across different sectors to provide flavour and aroma..

The Cali Terpenes company utilizes a top laboratory to analyze and develop products in Europe, observing all necessary safety and quality measures. Additionally, it only uses certified raw materials of the highest quality, sourced from the European community, to ensure that the final products match the expectations..

In addition, to guarantee the high standards of the end products, only the purest products are used in terpenes’ production. This high quality is evident in producing other products in the market using terpenes profiles of certain strains from Cali terpenes..

Terps spray, a product from Cali Terpenes, is the first pure cannabis flavours applicator available in a spray form and represents the belief in innovation as a tool to meet the needs of the public. In partnership with Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau, Cali Terpenes has come up with Cannabis flavoured e-liquids of the highest quality. They are available in two forms, E- liquids with terpenes and Cannabidiol e- liquids to let users enjoy different flavours and Cannabidiol properties..

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