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Barney’s Farm, a seed breeder company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has been collecting and gathering cannabis genetics from all corners of the globe since the 1980s. It is a passionate history that began when Derry, the owner, travelled across Asia and the Middle East searching for landrace genetics. After obtaining the landrace strains, Derry moved to the Himalayas, where he crossed the seeds with the help of like-minded individuals. Further crossing based on THC contents, taste and aroma was conducted to stabilize the strains.

In 1992, after extensive research, he returned to Amsterdam and took over Barney’s Coffee shop. He turned it into an organization for research and quality using the seeds he obtained during the crossing in the Himalayas. As a result, Barney’s farm reputation for breeding high-quality genetics grew, leading to constant visits by people from different countries. 

The passion and love for cannabis have grown over the years resulting in new and exciting strains released by Barney’s Farm. It is for this reason that the Brand has won numerous Cannabis cups. For instance, the Cookies Kush from Barney’s Farm won the 2014 Cannabis Cup for the best overall strain. Additionally, Liberty Haze, a product from the Brand, won the 2011 Cannabis Cup for the best variety. The Tangerine Dream has also won the 2010 Cannabis Cup, making Barney’s Farm one of the most successful brands ever in the industry.

Some of their top strains include:

Amnesia Lemon combines Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze strains, thus pushing the citrus flavour of a Sativa to the highest limits. The result is a uniquely flavoured strain with robust high, and generous yields. With a potent THC mixed with a high CBD content, the Pineapple Chunk is an additional strain from Barney’s Farm. It won the 2009 Cannabis cup for best Indica and is a complex mix of Pineapple and Skunk#1 alongside cheese. The resulting flavour is skunky but with smooth pineapple undertones.

The Sweet Tooth from Barney’s Farm won the 2001 Cannabis cup and many others due to its desirable flavour, relaxing high, and resin-covered nugs. It is a mixture of Nepalese, Hawaiian and Afghani genetics making it a highly resilient strain.
With a flowering period of between 50 and 60 days, the Critical Kush is also a potent strain from Barney’s Farm. The high-yielding strain has citrus and earthy flavour and is a mix of Critical Mass and OG Kush, capturing the accurate picture of Californian cannabis.

Barney’s Farm aims at providing its vast pool of customers with the highest possible quality of Cannabis seeds. Its extensive experience in the industry alongside continuous research assures more fantastic products and standards in the future.

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