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cannabis seeds world wide international shipping

Explore Our Premium Cannabis Seeds Collection with Worldwide Shipping

Welcome to Holland’s High, your premier destination for top-quality cannabis seeds sourced from the finest breeders worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting your journey, our extensive selection of strains guarantees something special for every enthusiast. What sets us apart? Not only do we offer a diverse range of strains, but we also […]

CBD face serum

Face Serum with CBD

Even when life is not going well, we need to stay positive and glowing. With that in mind, We created a product that guarantees the user a firmer skin tone that will have them looking fresh and glowing the whole day. They picked special ingredients that give your skin nourishment and hydration. It is natural […]

CBD foot cream

Foot Cream with CBD

Any individual who spends most of their day on their feet or using their feet cannot avoid getting tired and sore. It becomes more cruciating if this is something that happens day in day out. The body can build up tolerance against painkillers, and the best alternative is a natural remedy. That is where our […]

CBD Eye Gel Roller

Eye Gel Roller with CBD

Are you a hard worker who would spend hours working and end up with eye bags? Has what you have tried on the eyes failed you, or are seeking a more efficient and better alternative? Well, our new Eye Gel Roller with CBD is the best solution for you. It is an organic eye gel, […]

CBD daycream

Day Cream with CBD

Holland’s High has for a long time provided its customers with a wide range of cannabis products. Using our years of expertise, we decided to jump into CBD beauty products and with it came the Day Cream with CBD. It is an organic product made out of CBD extracted from cannabis to protect your skin […]

blog 800x500 anti aging cream

CBD Anti Aging Cream

While building your life and career, you need everything about you to shine and radiate. For your skin, we recommend our CBD Anti-aging cream. It is infused with various compounds including; vitamin A & C alongside shea butter, which is beneficial for a healthier complexion! This cream soothes any dry patches or irritation caused by […]

salvia divenorum

What is Salvia and how to use it?

The Salvia herb is also known as Diviner’s sage, Sally-D, magic mint and Sage of the seers. It is a highly powerful hallucinogen belonging to the family of mints. Despite being used as a recreational drug for its psychedelic effects, Salvia doubles as a medicinal supplement, packed with beneficial compounds. For centuries, the herb has […]

rolling tips

How to roll the perfect filtertip for your joint?

Today I’m going to help you to make the perfect fitertips for your joint! However, the perfect filter tip can be different for everyone. This depends on several factors, such as the shape and size of your joint and of obviously your personal preference. The best material to roll your filter tip is sturdy paper […]


The Best CBD Oil

CBD oil is a natural product, which is derived from Cannabis but which is only used for its medical benefits. Legal in many countries, this cannabidiol oil has already conquered a large number of consumers who take it to reduce their anxiety, to relieve various pains. We also have a wide range of CBD Beauty […]

How to choose a perfect bong for your needs?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How to choose of a bong depends on a few factors such material type you want, your budget and performance. At Holland high, we avail both the complete package and replacement to suit your requirements. Our Head Shop brings you high-quality products from different producers in the industry. We also have a Bong Master Cleaner […]

Cannabis Bake House on Holland’s High

Here at Holland’s High we pride ourselves on sourcing the most excellent products for our customers, and our fundamental respect for mother nature and all she does for us. That means we’re always striving to work with the very best companies to make sure we always stay true to these values. So we’re excited to […]