salvia divenorum

What is Salvia and how to use it?

The Salvia herb is also known as Diviner’s sage, Sally-D, magic mint and Sage of the seers. It is a highly powerful hallucinogen belonging to the family of mints. Despite being used as a recreational drug for its psychedelic effects, Salvia doubles as a medicinal supplement, packed with beneficial compounds. For centuries, the herb has been regarded highly as a sacred herb with spiritual uses. For instance, it was used in Brazil by spiritualists and diviners to contact the unknown as well as heal certain illnesses. All of the herb’s powers are found in the leaves, which are best used when dried.

salvia dried leaves 10g

Effects of salvia dried leaves

Out of curiosity and seeking relaxation, users indulge in the herb to experience certain desired effects. Hallucinations and other psychedelic effects are the most common effects resulting from the usage of Salvia dried leaves. Characterized by visual misrepresentations of bright lights, vivid colours and unusual shapes. In some circumstances, the visuals result in the perception of unnatural entities and other dimensions. Alteration of time and space occurs, giving users the feeling of being in more than one place at a time. At high doses, you may witness out of body experiences followed by detachment from your body and its surroundings. For inexperienced users, early effects include uncontrollable laughter, uneasiness, talkativeness and recollection of memories.

Benefits of using salvia dried leaves

A teaspoon of Salvia dried leaves is packed with meaningful nutrients such as vitamin K, Iron, Fat, Carbs, Protein and 1% calcium. Additionally, salvia contains small amounts of zinc, magnesium and copper that play a vital role in your body. Loaded with antioxidants such as polyphenols, the Salvia dried leaves help in strengthening your body’s defence. The result is the neutralization of harmful free radicals that cause chronic diseases. Antioxidants also reduce oxidative stress levels in your body and memory retention. Its antiseptic effects make Salvia dried leaves also helpful in killing microorganisms. Consequently, consumption of salvia destroys oral germs that cause dental abscesses and digestive parasites that result in infections. You will also experience sharpened focus and concentration, which useful when meditating.

salvia dried leaves 10g

Usage and dosage of salvia dried leaves

When crushed, the dried leaves can be smoked through bongs and pipes. Smoking is the most common means of consuming Salvia and inhaling the smoke leads to more intense psychedelic experiences. Furthermore, users can also boil the dried leaves in water to form a highly beneficial tea, full of nutrients. By boiling, Salvinorin A and B, the most powerful natural psychoactive compound, is released into the drink. The result is intense trips and more meaningful benefits to your body. Chewing the leaves is another way of ingesting salvia, however, it leads to milder effects. Regardless, the effects last longer since the compounds are quickly absorbed into the mouth tissues.

Exemptions from using salvia dried leaves

The trip associated with salvia leaves may be too intense for beginners. Therefore, seek help from a more experienced user when consuming salvia dried leaves. Ensure you are in a joyful mood as salvia amplifies your current mood. Avoid mixing salvia with antidepressants and other medication, unless with the advice of a qualified expert.

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rolling tips

How to roll the perfect filtertip for your joint?

Today I’m going to help you to make the perfect fitertips for your joint! However, the perfect filter tip can be different for everyone. This depends on several factors, such as the shape and size of your joint and of obviously your personal preference. The best material to roll your filter tip is sturdy paper like the filter tips from the Bulldog. Below you will find our step by step walktrough guide for creating 2 of our favourite tip rolling methods!

The M Shaped Filter Tip:


m shape rolling tip


Fold a small edge on the side of the paper.


Fold a small edge again but this time in the other direction.


Repeat this twice more. You will now have an M shape.


Turn the remaining piece into a round shape.


Now turn the round shape around the M shape.

The second one is going to be a bit more easy, the spiral shape.

The Spiral Shaped Filter Tip:


spiral shape tip


Fold over a very small edge on the side of the paper.


From here you twist it tight into a roll.


Now continue to turn it into a tight roll, and you can loosen it as desired.

Buy Tips & Pre-Rolled Tips

Don’t feel like rolling a tip? You can also use the pre-rolled tips, listed below along with our favorite tip papers:

Barneys Farm Smoking Papers & Tips

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Rolls Smart Filters

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The Bulldog Filter Tips

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Best CBD Oil

The Best CBD Oil and Criteria for Choosing Them

CBD oil is a natural product, which is derived from Cannabis but which is only used for its medical benefits. Legal in many states, this cannabidiol oil has already conquered a large number of consumers who take it to reduce their anxiety, to relieve various pains, to take care of their hair and their skin!

Devoid of THC (the element that triggers the psychoactive effects sought by cannabis users), this substance which is applied in massage, which is consumed in capsules or the form of drops is an organic response to your health problems. To help you make the right choice, we have selected quality CBD oils.

Very popular since specialists have demonstrated its health benefits and many countries have legalized it, CBD oil is now accessible to as many people as possible. Those looking for a healthy and effective solution to treat some of their health concerns will find their happiness with the following CBD oils!

To keep only the most effective and reliable CBD oils, we have relied on the opinions of medical specialists who ensure the healthy and safe compositions of the various products, and feedback from many consumers who testify to the effects of hemp oil on their body and numerous tests offered on the Internet.

In this way, we have established a list of CBD oils, which must meet the following criteria, which are decisive for quality oil.

A CBD oil must be effective quickly and help relieve many ailments. Some will be recommended for mental disorders, such as an overflow of stress or chronic anxiety, as well as for people who suffer from anxiety. Others will be more interesting for their anti-ageing effects, for good hydration of the skin or for taking care of your hair. The most effective CBD oils will have global effects! We have been very careful to select only oils that offer good results quickly.

For it to be effective, the chosen CBD oil must be made from natural ingredients. We prefer 100% pure cannabidiol oils, organic oils, vegan and non-GMO products and those that are not tested on animals (cruelty-free). The cannabidiol (CBD) content is also a factor which is taken into account in our choice.

It is possible to use CBD oil in various ways. In the products mentioned above, non is made for smoking, to stick to 100% healthy. We advice to take 2-3 drops of CBD oil 3 times a day, once before or after your breakfast, once before lunch and once before dinner.

The higher concentration CBD Oil you have, the less drops you need for the same affect. New users we advice to start with a low concentration so its easier to find the perfect dose for your needs. Looking for CBD already infused in candy? We also offer a wide range of CBD edibles in our webstore!

To be sure you have a product that is safe for your health, it is important to know where it comes from. With the oils we outlined and those you will still discover here, you will not have any bad surprises, because we have only selected controlled products that are lab tested.


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Every month we have new and cool gifts for our customers. This month we will have the following promotions:

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Place an order this month on Hollandshigh and we will add a free Dutch Hash Brownie to your order!

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3 x Free Buckets!

looking to buy a new vaporizer? This month all our flower mate vaporizers are in discount. Next to that, we will be adding 3 buckets of Critical Kush Cannabis Cookies with every vaporizer order! Check out our vaporizers now!

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For every order above €150, we have a unique and awesome gift: Hemp Heroes the Boardgame! The most fun cannabis business game you will ever play!

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How to choose a perfect bong for your needs?

How to choose of a bong depends on a few factors such material type you want, your budget and performance. At Holland high, we avail both the complete package and replacement to suit your requirements.

Our Head Shop brings you high-quality products from different producers in the industry. We also have a Bong Master Cleaner available at our Head Shop for best bong clean services. Shop with us and enjoy the benefits.

How Bong Provides Safe Smoking
Purpose of water is to trap any heavier substances that may enter into smoker’s routes. The soluble substances will be remaining in the water while the insoluble will distil downward. The process ensures that the smoker gets pure and safe content during inhalation.

How Bong Operates to Provide Comfortability
Bong consists of a mouthpiece, water jar and a stem. Its operated in the following way.
• Add water to the bong and ensure it rises above the connection gap of the stem.
• Place the cannabis or substance to be used on top of the stem. The lit it so that it can produce smoke.
• The smoker uses the top part to inhale. The action is done to attract the smoke into the water. Smoke molecules will result in bubbles.
• After sufficient bubbles are in the water, the cannabis substance is removed.
• After the operation, the smoker can inhale the smoke captured in the bubbles.

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Cannabis Bake House on Holland’s High

Here at Holland’s High we pride ourselves on sourcing the most excellent products for our customers, and our fundamental respect for mother nature and all she does for us. That means we’re always striving to work with the very best companies to make sure we always stay true to these values.

So we’re excited to announce that we are the very first online retailer to have Cannabis Bake House’s products available to you! This company produces freshly-baked cakes infused with our favourite flower, cannabis.

[dfd_single_product content_position=”center-top” single_custom_post_item=”6124″ image_type=”media_library” post_image_width=”600″ post_image_height=”600″ post_content_style=”full” title_font_options=”tag:h3|color:%23e64f41″ subtitle_font_options=”tag:h4″ custom_image=”6125″ tutorials=””]
[dfd_single_product content_position=”center-top” single_custom_post_item=”6131″ image_type=”media_library” post_image_width=”600″ post_image_height=”600″ post_content_style=”full” title_font_options=”tag:h3|color:%23e64f41″ subtitle_font_options=”tag:h4″ custom_image=”6129″ tutorials=””]

Would you rather have the indulgent Chocolate Haze Muffin, the refreshing Mango Kush Muffin, or the delicious Blueberry Haze Muffin? How about you try all three! These great products can be enjoyed at a 25% discount for a limited time only!

You can save yourself the journey outside and avoid the rain by ordering from us directly to have these products delivered right to your door. That way, you can enjoy delicious edibles without needing to leave the comfort of your home.

Cannabis Bake House’s muffins are baked fresh daily and we are extremely proud to be able to offer them to you. Their delicious products will taste even better thanks to the 25% discount we’re running on Holland’s High.

Not only do we offer these great-tasting products on the website, we also have a range of CBD oils, cannabis seeds, magic truffles, herbal highs and much more! All of our products are sourced from brands we believe to be of excellent quality, many of them are long-standing favourites here in Amsterdam.

[dfd_single_product content_position=”center-top” single_custom_post_item=”6132″ image_type=”media_library” post_image_width=”600″ post_image_height=”600″ post_content_style=”full” title_font_options=”tag:h3|color:%23e64f41″ subtitle_font_options=”tag:h4″ custom_image=”6127″ tutorials=””]
[dfd_link_style align=”text-center” link_content=”Buy Cannabis Bakehouse Cakes Online” link_src=”|title:Buy%20Cannabis%20Seeds||” main_style=”style-2″ font_options=”tag:h3|font_size:20|font_style_bold:1″ text_color=”#ffffff” text_hover_color=”#1a1f49″]